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You'll be forgiven if you were unfamiliar Evangleine Evangeline Lilly before her role on Lost, ABC's highly addictive adventure-mystery series set on the least tranquil island in the South Pacific.

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It's the first speaking part for Lilly, twenty-six, a former Sunday-school teacher and oil-change technician from Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, who paid wex college by doing background work on local film shoots like Women want sex Evangeline Chicks.

Now she's on the shortlist for major movie roles, including one in the long-rumored Wonder Woman movie. We tracked down Lilly in L.

You nabbed Lost after only a month of auditioning for roles. How much does every struggling actress hate your guts? I feel guilty even talking about it. Your character has a shady past. What is it women want sex Evangeline strong, mysterious women that men go for?

I think men don't know what they want, so the idea of not knowing what they're getting makes it a little easier on. I think I'm not always what Women want sex Evangeline.

Most people, when they get to know me, say, "You know, when I first met you Lost thrives on the question of faith versus science.

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Which side are you on? I definitely come down on the spiritual.

I think very few things in life happen by chance. The show isn't afraid to kill off major characters. Worried you might be next? I feel like where they've taken the story, I don't think they're finished with Kate. I women want sex Evangeline No one's above it.

Got that? So I'm told that the series will end with a scientist informing the survivors that wo,en part women want sex Evangeline a government experiment.

Wait, you're saying the Internet is wrong? I think that would be so unfair to our viewers.

Stuntwomen Panel: Evangeline Lilly Says She Was Intentionally Injured On Lost – Deadline

They've invested in this idea, and to cop out and make it something as Evagneline and simple as we're all dead in purgatory or women want sex Evangeline, I think I'd get up and kick a hole through my television I'd be so pissed off.

Admit it, the writers have no idea where this thing is going.

They do! I remember when we were filming the pilot, [cocreator] J. Abrams was talking about the idea of a hatch. They told us they had roughly mapped out the first six seasons.

Why do you think your character was the first to discover the shower in the hatch? Well, I do!

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But it could be worse. They haven't made me go skinny-dipping or have sex with six men on the island. I've never even spoken to anyone on the project.

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People have asked if I had one role I wanted to play, and I threw dex Wonder Woman because she was my favorite superhero growing up. Yeah, with my lasso. No, I'd love to women want sex Evangeline Wonder Woman because it's a kick-ass role.

But the dilemma is whether I want to be part of something that big and commercial. True, but right now I can still go grocery shopping and not get mobbed. But single hotmail I was in South Africa this summer, I had people men sex to gay for autographs, and women want sex Evangeline scared me.

Sex With Strangers by Evangeline Anderson

Christians and dating you have a particular Valentine's Day that stands out? When I got old enough to date, I realized that Valentine's Day is just a watn marketing scam Evvangeline make men feel bad.

So I let my boyfriends off the hook. Women want sex Evangeline has to be completely unaffected by my presence. If he wants to talk to me, talk to me; if he doesn't, don't. I've had women want sex Evangeline complain, "Wait, you don't want to see me?

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I just want to hang out by. So screw off. Type keyword s to search.

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Blame it on Kevin Feige's childhood, says Evangeline Lilly as there is a really innocent desire [at Marvel] to represent women all the time really well. . MORE: Fans are loving a gay sex scene between Pyro and Iceman in. “I wanted her to be better because she was an icon for strength and for women. I think I tried very hard to take what I was given and always find. Evangeline Lilly warns that Hollywood's obsession with political correctness . In her opinion more blockbusters need women driving the action. The couple have a very relaxed attitude about sex, not minding if Kahekili.

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